EDC Research of K-8 STEM Competencies Features HFLI


“K-8 STEM Career Competencies: Developing Foundational Skills for the Future of Work,” a report by Education Development Center (May 2020) identifies ten foundational STEM career competencies, and provides related classroom activities, curriculum resources, and background reading suggestions. 

The section on Design Thinking features HFLI’s innovation leadership:

“Design thinking plays a significant role in the future of work, not only because it captures a structured but flexible process by which ideas are formulated into potential solutions, but also because it provides a common language and methodology for engineers and team members from other disciplines to define a problem and develop pathways toward a solution.”

In addition to Design Thinking, researchers identified the following K-8 STEM career competencies as a part of their framework: Artificial Intelligence Literacy, Computational Thinking, Digital and Media Literacy,  Cybersecurity and Digital Citizenship, Data Literacy, Dynamic Interdisciplinary Teaming, Systems Thinking, STEM Career Development, and, Lifelong and Flexible Learning, 

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