What if we worked together to create a whole generation of innovators and lifelong learners, people with the tools and capacity to empathize, ideate, create and adapt when facing a challenge at school, in their community, at work, or in everyday life?


At HFLI, we continue to work relentlessly with our partners to make a difference in the future for thousands of young people and their urban communities by supporting and sustaining work with teachers and students at Henry Ford Academies so that our graduates are prepared to succeed in college, pursue a career of choice and address challenges with innovative thinking. And now, we are advancing our commitment to redesign how people learn by sharing and evolving our model of success with schools, communities and businesses around the world.


“Design Thinking inspires scholars to use their creativity and innovation to make the world better in powerful ways. The scholars really take ownership of their role as problem solvers within the community.”

Lindsey Barrett

Teacher, Detroit

“Thank you for an amazing week of training. My team was awesome and my coworkers and I are so excited to go back and share all of the wonderful ideas with our school.”

Kathleen Lester

Swansboro Elementary, NC

“It makes me think and feel like an entrepreneur.”

Jalyn B. ‘16


Get Involved


Gain recognition for your creative, innovation-driven business. Sponsor events, such HFLI JumpStart workshops for aspiring youth entrepreneurs, the annual Night of the Arts at Henry Ford Academies in Detroit and San Antonio, Design Thinking workshops and fellowships for educators and nonprofit professionals, and projects like a school-based community garden or play structure.


Create a legacy and a direct investment in the lives of others. Establish or contribute to a scholarship fund that gives a Henry Ford Academy graduate the opportunity to attend college or a teacher the opportunity to grow professionally.

In-Kind Support

Share your abundant resources. HFLI and our schools welcome donations of goods and services that support our work—from technology and materials, to services and consulting, to experiences and opportunities for our program participants.


Give your time and expertise. Provide an internship at your workplace, mentor aspiring youth entrepreneurs, or become a guest speaker on a career, community issue or topic you know inside and out.

Please email lisa@hfli.org or call 248.259.4066 to discuss sponsorship, scholarship and in-kind support opportunities.


We rely on progressive, open-minded individuals, foundations and companies to provide financial support that closes the gap between workshop fees and per-pupil state funding, and the real costs to drive the kind of visionary change we imagine and the mindsets we help learners develop.
These organizations have provided financial support to plan, launch and sustain our schools, develop our innovation-based K-12 curriculum, build HFLI capacity, mobilize communities around 21st century skills development, pilot tools for better ways of learning, and more:


We search out visionary partners to help us redesign how people learn and lead. Leading educational and cultural organizations have joined HFLI to create unique schools and learning experiences that can only happen through a spirit of collaboration, the conviction that there are new and better ways of learning, and the desire and drive to create a brighter future.

Henry Ford Learning Institute (HFLI) is a recognized as a public charity under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to HFLI are deductible to the full extent allowed by law. EIN #38-3463866

If you would like to discuss your donation or support a specific Henry Ford Academy, please contact Lisa Kreinbring directly at lisa@hfli.org or 248.259.4066 to start a conversation.