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Gary Tubbs

Gary Tubbs

Design Fellow

Gary Tubbs joined HFLI in mid-August as our newest Design Fellow. In this role, Gary works closely with the programs team to acquire design thinking mindsets, skills, knowledge, and tools, especially as they apply to innovative use in social innovation, K-20 and youth programming. He graduated from Michigan State University in December 2022 with a BA in Experience Architecture and User Experience Design, and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

“What excites me the most about working here at HFLI is seeing the overall impact our Design Thinking philosophy has on individuals who engage with the HFLI workshops. I feel a sense of satisfaction when seeing the overall growth that those who participate in workshops have. I’m excited to help individuals advance their skills in Design Thinking and their excellence in education as well.”

Through this blog, Gary shares his moments of wonder, reflection, and learning as an early-career professional at HFLI.

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