Senior Mastery Process Helps Students Own Their Future

The Senior Mastery Process is a signature program and graduation requirement at all Henry Ford Academies. To date more than 2,200 students have successfully completed the SMP across the three schools in Detroit, Dearborn, and San Antonio. The program has been going strong in Dearborn since it was developed for that school’s first graduating class – the Class of 2001.

A new article from Model D, explores how the program is now making a difference in the lives of Detroit students as they prepare for college and careers.

“Rachel Jones, a Detroit high school senior at the Henry Ford Academy School For Creative Studies, didn’t spend last summer like most kids her age.

Instead of a typical summer job or just hanging out with friends, Jones worked at the architecture firm Hamilton Anderson & Associates, sometimes clocking in as much as 40 hours a week over a seven-week span. It was an opportunity she received through the Senior Mastery Process, a graduation requirement for students at the three Henry Ford Academies. The program originated at Henry Ford Academy, a charter school in Dearborn founded by The Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company, and has expanded to campuses in Detroit and San Antonio, Texas…”


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Download an overview of the Senior Mastery Process.

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