School for Creative Studies Student Wins Mural Design Contest

Plans to restore the Highland Park Ford Plant have been given a boost with a new mural at a building nearby in the neighborhood.

The Woodward Avenue Action Association, a nonprofit whose focus is to revitalize the Woodward corridor, spearheaded the online competition for a mural design that will cover the Michigan Department of Transportation building adjacent to Woodward Avenue and southeast of the railroad viaduct in Highland Park.

Students from the Henry Ford Academy School for Creative Studies, a sixth-through-12th grade art and design school in Detroit, submitted designs for the mural. Murals by Torri Richardson and Natasha Guest were chosen as finalists by WA3 for the online contest. Richardson’s won in the voting.

Her design illustrates wheels with dates emblazoned around the rims, denoting significant events related to the plant, which featured the first moving assembly line and churned out more than 12 million Model Ts.

Source: Crain’s Detroit Business

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