POV: Educators, can you look past the elephant?

Design thinking workshops for educators. Summer 2019. Opinion on in-person design thinking workshops

It’s the elephant in the room.
Design thinking can be a powerful process for developing deeper student learning and stronger schools. But today, many professional development programs for human-centered design are online, without sustained human interactions.
Online professional development can be valuable; however, if it’s the only design thinking professional development an educator experiences, the result will be a surface understanding and underdeveloped capacity to implement design thinking for impact.
For 10 years, we’ve brought educators together to learn about design thinking with and from each other — and to try it out together in a supportive space. 97% of our past participants would recommend the experience to a colleague.
HFLI’s 2019 Summer Design Thinking Workshops are multi-day, immersive, hands-on workshops in Detroit and San Antonio – workshops for educators, by educators and designers:
Design Thinking for Deeper Student Learning
A 3-day experience that provides K-20 educators with an in-depth introduction to Design Thinking and how it can be used to engage students in projects that foster engagement, innovation and creativity.
Design Thinking for Stronger Schools
A 2-day experience for school leaders and transformational educators who want to build skills, work collaboratively, and use design thinking to address a specific challenge and enact change in their schools.
So, look past that elephant. Embrace the human-centered learning experience.
For yourself, your students, and your school.
Sign up now and take advantage of our Early Bird pricing! Group discounts are also available for groups of 5 or more. And if you are a teacher from a Title I school, you can receive a substantial discount to make our professional learning experiences more accessible. Contact us at designthinking@hfli.org to learn more.

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