Mandela Washington Fellows Dive into Design Thinking

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In June 2016, Henry Ford Learning Institute (HFLI) collaborated with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to provide an Design Thinking workshop for members of the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, which is sponsored by Ford Motor Company.

The 4-hour learning experience included an immersive introduction to the purpose, potential and essential elements of this creative problem solving process. Engaged in the challenge “Design a way to engage more effectively with other leaders in my community,” fellows used HFLI’s Quick Dive Design Thinking framework to identify a current problem in this space, envision possible solutions and plan toward implementing an effective option.

Learning activities incorporated a balance of focused discussion, active process experience and implementation, and reflection on application. The Quick Dive Design Thinking Challenge guides participants through the Design Thinking process, but uses lean innovation strategies to develop action-oriented items such as a timeline, potential support needs, and operational benefits and challenges.

To learn more about their experience and suggested next steps, download our program overview.

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