Jennifer’s Take: Setting the Stage for Equity

In her blog post for The Teaching Channel, Instructional Coach Jennifer Tiggs talks about the importance of teams in creating equitable classrooms and instructional practices at Henry Ford Academy: Elementary School in Detroit.


“This year we have a partnership with NYU’s Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools (Metro Center) to examine equity in our schools and what role race plays for us and our students. To do that type of work, to be willing to talk about race, we had to be open to feeling tension. That requires an incredible amount of trust. This type of trust does not happen immediately or even in the two weeks prior, but it’s a place where we can start to build to that point. While not everyone is fully comfortable with addressing equity, we have people who are willing to explore it because it’s what we do for our scholars, and it will make us better.”

Source: The Teaching Channel

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