HFLI to Present at GVSU K-12 Design Thinking Summit

Imagination and the ability to innovate are critical skills for success in a global economy; HFLI finds design thinking to be a powerful approach to equipping students with those skills. We’ve learned that the schools that are most effective in implementing design thinking are those that are supported by a range of invested and active educators and learners. Together, they leverage design thinking to uncover opportunities for improvement, gather meaningful and enlightening information for empathy, build powerful prototypes and engage in reflective implementation – but success requires attention to how all members of that learning community are affected and involved.

Deborah Parizek

In her table talk at Grand Valley State University on January 14, 2016, Deborah Parizek will present HFLI’s theory of action for design thinking implementation in schools. It focuses on developing adults — including teachers and support staff members, school leaders, family members and business/community partners – into design thinkers, facilitators, and connectors who provide students with signature experiences, embedded opportunities and reinforced behaviors and mindsets. Table colleagues will work together to apply HFLI’s Implementation Framework to their own unique settings and will leave with ideas and possible next steps for broadening and deepening how design thinking can become an integral tool for building an Orientation of Innovation at every level.

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