Ford STEAM Lab Puts the Power of Deeper Learning in Students’ Hands

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Ford STEAM Lab is a new blended-learning digital curriculum developed in partnership with Henry Ford Learning Institute. It feeds the STEM pipeline by taking students through a six-part “hackathon” style process of exposing them to careers in STEM and Tech Entrepreneurship.

Put the power of deeper learning in students’ hands.

Ford Fund STEAM Lab provides clear and consistent learning goals to help prepare students for career, college and life success, by including and aligning to Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Career Technical Core (CCTE) standards.

Middle school students at the Ford STEAM Lab Hackathon hear tips from an adult mentor about designing software applications. The 100 students from five middle schools in the Detroit metropolitan area took part in the two-day event to learn the basics of software coding and skills needed to become technology entrepreneurs.
Ford STEAM Lab Hackathon

Middle and early high school students who complete all six modules will utilize design thinking principles, develop introductory coding skills and learn workforce ready skills to complete a working mobile app prototype, develop a high level business plan, and pitch and present their ideas.

To get started, watch the video at Then, contact us at to learn more about Ford STEAM Lab and ways to bring it  to your school or district.

Ford STEAM Lab will help feed and diversify the STEM pipeline and launch students’ long-term interest in careers in STEM.

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