Exploring Empathy with Leaders of Nonprofits

HFLI recently facilitated a half-day Social Innovation Studio workshop for fellows in NEW Leadership DELI‘s intensive leadership development program.

HFLI’s Social Innovation Studio helps foundations and nonprofits move from transactional to transformational.

Image from NEW Leadership DeliIn this immersive experience, 35 SE Michigan nonprofit leaders first gained an introduction to Design Thinking. They then focused on empathy and how they can intentionally connect with their communities, clients, colleagues. Anthropologists and designers provide us with ways to understand who people are, what’s important to them, and why they do the things they do. Our participants wrote a love letter about working in the nonprofit sector, and tried out a number of other empathy tools in an active and supportive learning environment.

This is the second year in a row that HFLI had the opportunity to work with participants in the NEW Leadership DELI program, and we look forward to meeting the next cohort!

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