Equity in Education

What does equity mean, particularly in education? Henry Ford Learning Institute (HFLI) and Grand Valley State University’s Charter School Office (GVSU CSO) brought more than 40 Detroiters together to consider this complicated question in an inclusive, hands on workshop.

In this video below, you will hear from some of the  participants. Community organizers, educators, designers, funders and more brought their diverse perspectives. Using Design Thinking tools and methods, they collaborated with others to imagine new social, economic and political futures for education.

Key insights and core values were surfaced by the group as being essential to their envisioned experience and space — insights and values that can be applied as we move towards an equitable future in Detroit:

  • Creativity, collaboration, authenticity and emotional intelligence are critical;
  • Everyone is a learner, and a teacher; and,
  • Educators need to be valued more, economically.


This workshop was an official happening of the 2018 Detroit Month of Design.

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Do you want bring a similar group experience to your community? One where you work together to address a complex issue and envision new futures? Contact us at info@hfli.org.


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