Design Thinking Workshop for Healthcare Leaders

Healthcare leaders are working to create efficiencies, navigate evolving payment models, serve users in new ways, and more. Inforum’s HealthcareNEXT industry group is for Inforum members who want to stay ahead of health care’s next curve. The group is focused on sharing knowledge, increasing understanding of key health care issues, and offering unique professional development and relationship-building opportunities.


When group leaders asked HFLI to develop a learning experience that would help these healthcare leaders, we focused on helping attendees providing gain new perspective and a starting point for becoming more innovative and creative in how they think, learn, and work.


We warmed up with a rock, paper, scissors “stoking activity,” designed to help participants relax, build excitement and energy for the morning, and encourage team dynamics.

Design Thinking Workshop for Healthcare Leaders After the icebreaker, HFLI shared background on then learned about ways we use Design Thinking, how we’ve worked with other organizations around the world, and how healthcare groups are recognizing the need to develop an Orientation of Innovation.


A rapid-cycle challenge – “Redesign My Partner’s Morning Experience” — provided participants with a hands-on Design Thinking learning experience with a partner colleague.


To take the next step, these healthcare leaders then developed a Personal Action Card for implementing aspects of Design Thinking in their own contexts.


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.36.23 PM


“The HFLI team, led by Deborah Parizek, developed and delivered a program specific to our audience and time constraints,” remarked Connie Thompson, Director of Member Experience at Inforum Michigan. “They expertly led our members through the Design Thinking process, setting the stage for an unforgettable (and fun!) learning experience. Participants left inspired to take action with a new and creative human-centered problem solving process in their own organizations.”


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